Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting

Here's a distinct possibility your employees might be unhappy, but it's pretty much guaranteed that the UAE Labour Department won't be impressed.

To stay on top of your payroll obligations you need a company that specializes in every aspect of the payroll process. That's because our firm has a thorough grasp of approved payroll procedures that are common to all sectors, including such areas as:



Report filing

Tracking sick days or paid time off

Benefits administration

Beyond this, however, we have experience with a wide variety of industries, which means we understand the payroll needs specific to those industries. The differences between sectors may be subtle, but it's important that your payroll specialist knows what to look for, and how to process the necessaries.

We also understand the special needs of companies with non-standard payroll requirements, such as firms with high turnover rates, or those that have employees who work varying hours.

If you don't have the in-house personnel to handle payroll duties efficiently, and if it's critical to your company's well-being that the payroll to be done accurately and on time, each and every time, then you need our working for you and your employees. We'll ensure that the procedure is conducted professionally from start to finish, month in and month out. That's our promise.